The American Show Jumping Series
Greg Best by
Olympic Medalist
Greg Best

Greg's Bio
Greg Best
This comprehensive instructional series includes three video tapes:




Greg brings you his years of experience both competing and teaching. Whether you ride hunters or jumpers, this series will help you improve your jumping performance. Greg’s straight-forward method makes learning easy!

Volume I:

Basic Jumping brings you Greg Best’s unique style of instruction. In this video you will gain vital knowledge about the fundamental principles of riding that are necessary for correct and successful jumping. Both on the flat and over fences, Greg takes you through positioning and alignment. Greg’s step-by-step instruction explains how to move your horse forward, the proper use of a gymnastic, transitions, directional aids, negotiating a jump from approach to departure, etc., and shows you how to practice at home. For the novice as well as the more advanced rider.

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Volume I
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Volume II:

Intermediate Jumping takes you to the next level. Follow Greg and his unique step-by-step approach to conquering the difficult sport of show jumping. Greg’s simple instructional method makes learning the finer points of jumping easy! He explains and demonstrates (a) preparing your hunters & jumpers with efficient flat work, (b) "seeing the distances," (c) lines & combinations, (d) striding, (e) riding the jump-off, (f) how to walk a course, plus exercises!!!

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Volume II
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Volume III:

Help! Solving Your Jumping Problems is exactly what it says...Help! Show jumping is truly beautiful and inspiring, but even the best riders and well-trained horses have problems. Learn from the master, Greg Best, in this video. Greg will "help" you isolate problems, determine why they happen, and guide you through solutions for yourself and your horse. The video outlines the basic causes for most problems and teaches you how to properly correct them. Useful for every rider!

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Volume III
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Complete Set Of All Three Tapes
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Get Your Own 20" x 30" Color Poster Of Greg And Gem Twist In The 1988 Olympics At The Kwachong Gate In Seoul, Korea
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Greg Best is an internationally acclaimed show jumping rider. He has competed since the age of 6, winning numerous titles ranging from the Pony Finals to team and individual silver medals in the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea.

Greg was a member of the United States Equestrian Team (USET) for 7 years. Greg is also know for his popular columns in Horse Play magazine and his endorsement of Vogel boots. He is a sought-after lecturer, trainer and instructor, and provides clinics throughout the world. In 1997, Greg has been training and competing in New Zealand, while traveling to conduct clinics around the world.

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